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Going Back to School

I am mentally trying to prepare myself to return to school in two weeks. We start so early it is still blazing hot summer. The summer break helps so much to prevent burnout, but now I will need to remind myself how to sit in classes all day and to not take breaks whenever I want. It will be like riding a bicycle, I hope.

This Summer is Taking Too Long to Get Here

Whew. I need summer vacation SO much. This year has been hard. I sit in regular class from eight to three, except for P.E. Then homework. I blog. I write speeches. It’s been a challenge to work on my skills. I have more to accomplish but I am working hard.

I am ready to sit and relax. I count the days til I am free to watch cooking shows, eat a lot of watermelon, swim and ride my bike, see friends and family, and recover and be rejuvenated.

Two more weeks. Will they ever end?