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Magic Music

I love classical music as my facebook followers know because I show them music films often. I think it is like God’s voice the times I hear magnificent melodies like Bach, or Beethoven, or Mendelssohn, or Prokofiev, or Debussy, or the many other composers at their best. I wonder why music like this isn’t composed anymore. The era of these magnificent musical gifts is over and we continue to listen to music hundreds of years old. It was a golden time for music that is not here now. What would happen to Bach if he lived now? What kind of music would he compose? Would he even have the chance to create his imagination’s masterpieces? I bet there is a musical genius here on earth now who could compose the magnificent music I love if there was a place to, but instead has to write jingles for ads, sound tracks for movies, or top forties songs. I guess our genius now is in developing technology but I do wish there was more music to soar in the way it used to.