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Hope for Tornado Victims

I heard about the horrible tornadoes in the South and Midwest. I can’t even imagine how scary it was for the people there. I live in earthquake country. We have spare flashlights, canned food, and water, but in a tornado all is blown away. I heard about people hiding in their bathtubs, of whole communities destroyed, and of weird stories too. I was saddened to hear that it is possible to be lifted into a tornado, so I was amazed to hear about the dog that was sucked into one and flown away. Crawling on broken legs it made it home twenty days later and is now recovering.

I guess the lesson is to not give up. My grandma went through a lot in her life. One day I’ll tell her story, but she is a positive person and a fighter too. I’m inspired to fight from people like her who face intense challenges but who get going instead of quitting.

I wish the victims of the tornadoes fighting spirit. This will be a long recovery but hopefully your homes will be rebuilt and your hearts will heal.