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Me and the Great TV Chefs

I love watching cooking shows. It’s very soothing. I imagine how delicious the recipes are. I enjoy certain chefs in particular. Jacques Pepin, Ming Tsai and Lorenza deMedici stimulate intellectually as well as treat me to wonderful imaginary meals. I can watch them over and over.
On the other hand, I can’t bear to watch the shows like “Hell’s Kitchen”. I think cooking is so insulted by his swearing and abuse. I love to see an artist like Jacques Pepin create beautiful tasting and looking cakes and other dishes. I think he inspired a generation of chefs. He showed my family many cooking tricks too. The weird thing is, he is an artist, only his art form is edible. I am interested in cooking and I enjoy eating too- ha ha. With all my watching the chefs I started inventing my own recipes too, which I get to imagine a lot.
Unlike a lot of autistic people, I enjoy a variety of foods. I do know people who eat like three items only. Most of it is bland or starchy. I wish they could try some new food and discover it anew. It’s so tiresome in autism how people limit themselves. This happens in food, movies, music, experiences. I think it would help to be served new foods early and often to prevent the tradition of eating just one item from developing.