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The Rattlesnakes of the Trails

I love the weather beaten trails near my home. Old California oaks and tall waving grass. On a spring day on the trails I see wildflowers, hawks stimming on thermal currents, and sometimes we see a coyote staring at us. 
The truth is I get worried about our smallest dog. She is a good meal for a coyote, but they leave us alone. The two big dogs are like bodyguards. Ha ha. Last time we saw a baby rattlesnake in the middle of the path. Now it is rattlesnake season so I hear the snakes in my mind. I think I’ll wait til winter to hike there again.
A snake bit my old dog about six years ago. The dog started sticking his nose in the grass to check out the rattling sound. Not a super bright dog. Then my dad had to jog out with him on his back to help him survive. That was an adventure I don’t want to repeat. He eventually lived to be an old dog, though never a smart one.
In summer I prefer the cool ocean.