Trying to Understand the Incomprehensible

I have been thinking about human beings and how mixed we are. In school I study world history. The subject has become hard to take since we began learning about World War I with the massive battles and senseless military blunders. Now we are studying World War II and the Holocaust. My mind is in shock. How are these events even possible? The more I hear, the more I fight the urge to run out of the room.
I think evil must exist in human nature, just as decency must, and we choose which is to be in our behavior. If the Nazis had the idea they were doing a good deed by killing children for being useless, they gained the freedom to rationalize their horrible behavior. My mind is incapable of understanding how one slaughters unarmed, innocent people, but I am autistic so maybe I don’t have the talent that neuro-typical people do to justify and rationalize the incomprehensible. I try to make it make sense. I cannot.
I realize, even now, that evil must be faced head on. We must work to treat others decently. I hope humanity will overcome our cruel nature one day.

3 responses to “Trying to Understand the Incomprehensible

  1. I too am horrified by the violence that we humans seem capable of. But this I know: we will overcome 🙂

  2. I am surprised by your deep insights, but then again, I’m surprised by my own-self, because of casting any doubts of how anyone could possibly not be this deep. People try to underestimate certain aspects or things, I assume, but maybe it’s inevitable either because of our human nature or simply because we are not capable of making accurate-enough guesses. Anyways, I was very inspired by your story Ido. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational stories and deep insights. Also, on the side note, this is my personal thought, but it might be interesting to note that we all ( okay, maybe not all… 🙂 ) blame the society and express disgust of its evil magnitude; but really, it is us who created this evilness and horror, through bystanding, directly causing it, or whatever reason. Even though I, myself, did not commit any crimes that anyone would really be majorly disgusted or offended about (considering that they would hopefully not be too unforgiving, although totally understandable), I might be still responsible partially (even 0.00000001 percent in some cases) for not being able to stop major crimes like serial killings. A lot of people might disagree, and I am probably wrong in some of what I just wrote… but I think it is also important to not be too carried away by the evil around you. And it might be possible that under the realm of the nature of the idea of society, and its practices, humanity will never be really able to overcome evil natures… (that is a huge assumption, and it’s probably not exactly correct) But really, it depends on to what extent you consider evil, and just consider it mere nature of the human beings… Anyways, Ido, you are a true hero and inspiration, and I am so glad that I have found out about your inspirational story. Again, thank you for your courage and inspiration!

  3. Most neuro-typical people feel the same way you do, Ido. I just found your blog. Thank you for your effort. Keep posting!

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