Art for Fine Motor Challenges

IMG_1762I have found a great way to enjoy art without having dexterity in my hands. These mosaics were pretty fun to make and were something I could do despite my clumsy hands. The design is up to you, limited only by your imagination and the number of pieces in each color.

IMG_1456(For those interested, the product is Colorado by Hearth Song). *Note: I am hearing that the product is no longer available, so perhaps it has been discontinued by Hearth Song. A friend got me mine at a garage sale, so maybe it can be found used on eBay, or possibly something similar is manufactured by another wooden toy company.

IMG_1731ido mosaic

6 responses to “Art for Fine Motor Challenges

  1. Thanks Ido! I find tanagram games are enjoyed by many of the students I work with in OT. I did search for Colorado on the Hearth song site but couldn’t find it. Think it would be a cool holiday gift for some of my kiddos.
    I will keep looking at other sites.
    Thanks for your wonderful input!
    I am a big fan of yours and always share your insight with the teaching and therapy staff at the school where I work!

  2. This looks perfect for our kiddo. But I cannot find “Colorado” anyplace on Hearth Song). HELP!

  3. Looks cool, good idea

  4. yes this looks great but once again , as per above, cant find the product anywhere

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Ido! I was able to find something similar on eBay. My son is 9 and we are looking for Christmas gifts. If you have any other ideas, let us know!

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