Interview and Book Reading on Autism Live Podcast

I am belatedly sharing an interview done with my mom and Vana Thiero on the Autism Live podcast last month regarding “In Two Worlds.” Since I was unable to be there in person, I participated virtually by pre-recording answers into my iPad. The second video has a live reading of Chapter 1, Beach Day, read by performer, Eli Bildner.
Many thanks to all involved, and especially to Vana and Eli.

4 responses to “Interview and Book Reading on Autism Live Podcast

  1. Jean Tretow-Schmitz

    Great news! I am a recent subscriber to your blog and have requested that my local public library purchase the book. Can’t wait to be one of the first in the Madison, WI area to read it!

  2. Congratulations, Ido! You should be so very proud of yourself!

  3. Ido,
    Any plans to release audio versions of your books? We caught a clip of your new book on the autism live channel and really enjoyed it (the reader had a fantastic voice…soothing, well modulated, nice inflection). Your first book has been eye-opening for our family. We read the chapters aloud to our oldest daughter and they seem to resound with her (and with us). She is 15 and is most definitely trapped by her body in autismland. Independence, as you know, is so very important to her and she would like to be able to access and listen to your books on her own. Please consider it, if you haven’t already. God bless you, Ido! Cannot wait to jump into your new book.
    All the very best,
    The Walker Family
    Jacksonville, FL

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