In the Author’s Voice interview and More!

I wanted to share this radio interview interview my mom and I did on WSIU-FM, NPR with Jeff Williams for his show In the Author’s Voice.
In it, I discus autism, my books and more!
WSIU-FM Jeff Williams Interview

I also wanted to share with you this article I wrote for Between the Lines Book Blog.

3 responses to “In the Author’s Voice interview and More!

  1. Fantastic

  2. Hello from a Minnesota grandmother of a four year old
    little guy on the Autism Spectrum who is 100% nonverbal.
    Thank You SO MUCH for doing this interview! It was awesome
    and you two are just amazing. Thanks to you and several other
    incredible people on internet blogs and Facebook pages we have
    Presumed Competence since his diagnosis at age 2 and he has been
    using his AAC device since his 3rd birthday. He is a very quick learner
    and we know from people like you that he can achieve so much.
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Sharon

  3. Thank you for your advocacy for all persons future educational and finding there own life journey. You are such an brilliant writer and I have enjoyed your books and love to receive your newsletters. I hope to see you in person if you would like to pursue that in the future .

    Much love
    Atl. Ga

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