Happy and Sad

It is a happy and sad time for me. My new high school is a nice, very caring place. My teachers are better than my old school. My classes are smaller, and it is more easy-going in general, so this part of my life is much, much happier than last semester. I am sad because my grandmother is not well. I don’t visit her now because she is too frail and I don’t control my movements well. I know she is leaving me in the near future, though we never know when, but my heart weeps inside. She is such a lovely soul and she hurts now too much. It is an amazing journey to live a life, and hers makes the world a kinder place. It is life, I guess. Joy and sorrow are always in the wings waiting for us. Sometimes one. Sometimes the other. Sometimes both at once.

2 responses to “Happy and Sad

  1. Thinking of you and your grandmother, Ido….

  2. How insightful you are with your Grandmother and I can see that you feel her pain right along with her. When she goes you will be sad but think of her letting go of all that is hurting her in this life. She will always be with you in spirit.

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