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Professional Guessing

I read this story in the Wall Street Journal.
and it probably describes feelings that other parents can relate to. The boy has very different symptoms from me so of course his story is different too, but I see how hard parents work on dealing with behaviors they don’t understand. I see how they seek answers from experts.

The part of the article I want to comment on is what the autism specialist told the father about his son. The insight the father received is interesting. He is told that his son perceives the world in fragments. In my opinion, the expert is giving an insight based on conjecture. How is she able to determine that the boy is perceiving reality in fragments? I don’t perceive in fragments, though my sensory system isn’t normal. I think autism has a lot of experts who guess a lot.

I am thinking that maybe I don’t have a title, but I am an expert in autism. I could tell the expert the struggle of autism from my own experience. I didn’t read textbooks in autism to help me tell others what autism is. I live autism. I see the world in autistic eyes. I have had so many theories all my life that severely impacted my life. I would say that many were totally fantasy.
I hope soon I can publish my book and tell about autism from the inside out.

Interesting New Autism Study on Autism and the Environment

 A recent study links the cause of autism to environmental factors. Now is the time to figure out the cause of autism and how to treat it. If the research helps, I would be thrilled.

More information on the autism and environment research

The Open-Minded Autism Researcher

I had a cool experience last night. It helped me think in a new way about my illness. I am still mulling it over. I will write some more ideas soon. The experience was a meeting at my home with a neuro-scientist who researches autism. He lives far from me so we have e-mailed but never met in person. He asks me a lot of hard questions about my thinking processing, my visual perceptions, my ability to control my body, and so on.

Overcoming autism means we people with the ability to describe it from the inside out to people doing important research is only right. It is sort of an intense experience to hear about new theories about what they think may be wrong in my brain, but I’m thrilled to meet an open-minded thinker.