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Another Rant

Women who think they know it all have filled my life. 
Wow, do I sound sexist? Not meant to be sexist. It’s another rant.
From my home program as a little kid to my OT therapists to my speech therapists to my teachers to many of my evaluators (not all), I have been bombarded with experts who talk about me with such conviction, who assume they are right, and who are not.
They are almost always women, for some reason.
Isn’t really fun to have them make assumptions that minimize me and patronize me. I get livid because as a young kid, when I couldn’t communicate at all, I had to listen to my wonderful women telling the world wrong insights and I knew my life would be worse because they had power over me in my education and so on and I was stuck. I’m not stuck now. Getting communication and being respected is a terrific thing. 
But these women somehow keep popping up. Thank goodness I know so many great open-minded women now, and some who after meeting me really open their minds after that, so it’s not a sexist rant and it’s not a stereotypical rant, but it is a true thing.
Think about it. The vast majority of my professional experts have been women who are super opinionated. And I had a new one this week. They listen only grudgingly to me or my parents, so sure they are of themselves. I simmer and boil and imagine analyzing them and planning their futures as they do for me, but instead I’ll   grin and make fun of them on my blog. Maybe someone will recognize herself here- ha-ha.
I wish I didn’t have to get so irate. I sound grumpy, but people have to realize it has an impact on the subject they are working on. In other words, me, and the other kids they work with, and I’m so weary of it.