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Choosing Heroism and Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a reluctant hero. He is like a really normal guy who thanks to fate is forced into a hero role. He could have refused, but he didn’t because although inside he is an ordinary guy, he is also exceptional in bravery, stubbornness, and decency. Most heroes are like this, not seeking glory or narcissistic, they do what is right and move on in life. 
I met a hero once. He was tough on the outside and war hardened in some ways, but his eyes got moist when I embraced him. He stopped being tough in that moment.
Is Harry a great person? He is a struggling person in life and internally. Not perfect. He is human. And yet, he is great in his actions. So the answer is; he is great, and a hero. Being a great person is a choice. I suppose being a good or lousy person is a choice too.
The characters that impress me most are Harry’s loyal friends, Ron and Hermione. They choose to stick with Harry though it is dangerous. To be honest, they are more heroic in a way than Harry because it is not their fate. It is their choice.
Snape is a really complex hero of sorts because he is so damaged emotionally. It’s sad to see his rage and hatred and abuse of others, though in the end his deeds save Harry. He is a negative hero because his motive is not altruistic. It is revenge.
The best hero is Dobby who chooses freedom and with it, goodness.