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Oscar Pistorius

For those who have read my book, you know that Oscar Pistorius has been a hero of mine. I admired his bravery in exposing himself to doubters, his impressive work ethic and his accomplishments for the disabled. I am aware that every human being is a mixture of imperfections and good qualities and that it is unreasonable to expect athletes to be supermen morally. On the other hand, is it too much to expect that he not murder a cowering woman hiding in his bathroom?
The truth is I can admire his athletic accomplishments still, but so what? There is a moral line that cannot be crossed, ever. He claims it was mistaken identity or an accident, and the trial will determine the truth. This is why we must try to wait before convicting him internally—but I can still feel betrayed by him. By putting himself out there, he became a role model for thousands of disabled people. It is breaking my heart for his victim, his wasted potential and the flawed nature of humanity. The life we have is so precious that the loss or waste of it is deeply sad.

Oscar Pistorius Runs Through Barriers

“You are not disabled by your disability. You are able by your ability.”
Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, a hero of mine, talks about being the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Oscar Pistorius Makes the Olympics in 2012

Oscar Pistorius is a South African runner who has been trying to make it to the Olympics for years. He has been in many races, winning by huge margins in the Paralympics, or in races that accepted him as a legless runner. To me, it is incredible that at last he made the regular Olympics. Hooray for him in his victory  fighting the impediments that the disabled face in life.

“You are not disabled by your disability. You are able by your ability.”
                                                                                 -Oscar Pistorius

Disabled, or Super Able?

I have been thinking about people with disabilities who succeed at high levels. For example, many of you have seen the films of Oscar Pistorius, the runner, on my facebook page. He has no legs and he is a runner of world class speed. This is what we call a paradox.
In music, we find the same situation with Evelyn Glennie. She is a great musician and she feels her music because she is deaf. Look at what Beethoven accomplished in his deaf years.
In the sciences, we have Stephen Hawking. In engineering, Temple Grandin. In athletics, Jim Abbott (another paradox- a handless pitcher), and  one-legged wrestling champ, Anthony Robles.
In other words, we have the human spirit unwilling to quit. Kind of staggering in a way because they had to fight very hard to be average. But they were not average. They were superior.
Adversity can make you determined. I know this from experience. Heaven knows, I’m a paradox too. I can’t speak and I give speeches often. Someone else reads it out loud, and I’m standing near, but I’m not quitting. In the weeks ahead I am gathering videos of the inspirational and determined, who are shattering limits, for you to see. They are my hope and my models.