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Speaking in Public

I spoke to a group of middle school and high school students today. When I get nervous I get so restless. I pace and I devour all the snacks. Wish I could modulate my emotions better when I stand before an audience. Now I get so nervous. Especially today. I was being interviewed by the audience and I was being filmed. Now it’s like a time trial. I have to do better each time.

On a sort of silly note, I’m required  to recite a poem in my English class. It’s a state requirement apparently. I guess paralyzed students are also required to sprint in p.e. or the deaf kids must sing in choir.

I need to stand in front of the class in poised, dramatic style. Ha ha ha ha. My speech is monotone and garbled. I am pacing and nervous. It’s my worst abilities. Not my strengths. Well, we’ll see how it pans out. Ha ha.