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Please check out my latest interviews!

Here is a literary discussion about my two books and more on Deborah Kalb’s book blog.

Here is an interview on the podcast, Walking with Freya, in which I discuss my books and what I have been up to, and finally my interview on All Autism Talk podcast, in which I discuss my writing and autism advocacy.

And here is a link to this Sunday’s Houston Chronicle in which I, and my work, are profiled!

4 responses to “Recent Interviews

  1. Read the interview with D.K. Fantastic!

    “In Two Worlds” has helped me understand more than anything else ever has how my two non-verbal sons experience the world.

    I’ve read “In Two Worlds” twice. “Ido in Autismland” more times than I can count. These books should be required reading for all professionals helping students who are autistic.

    Academia is still doing its best to continue to silence authors like Ido, but these two books and blog have been life changers for us.

  2. Hola, por que no hay publicaciones actualizadas a esta fecha Ido,? eres un gran maestro.

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