All Without Words, an Autism Inspired Musical Compilation

I recently received a present, a musical surprise. It was a CD called All Without Words: variations inspired by Loren performed by the John Daversa Jazz Orchestra and composed by Justin Morell. The compositions were inspired by Justin’s nonspeaking autistic young son, Loren, who likes to sing his own music that comes from his own Autismland. I too make a kind of music though I surely can’t sing conventionally. It is a kind of inner music and I entertain myself in my “songs” too.

All Without Words is a jazz compilation that takes Loren’s melodies and orchestrates them and expresses them through trumpet solos. The melodies are lovely and the musicianship is excellent. Loren’s musical noises transcribed to instruments play like a poem, not made to be silent or silenced. I hope one day he finds his way to communicate in words too.

I thank Loren for inspiring this lovely surprise. May he continue to inspire his father’s musical journey.

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  1. Super cool.

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