Autism and Adolescence

Being a teenager is hard. Hormones cause mood swings and irritability. I guess it is worse in autism because our regulation of our emotions is weak. I often feel edgy and I know I am that way for nothing. It is the way I handle it though that makes a hormonal mood swing into a behavior problem. I believe I am feeling the same as all teens only I can’t control my actions as well as they do. Like them I am irritable and sort of moody and impulsive. Unlike them, I can’t cover it up so easily. I’m like a dog who snarls. They cuss and say rude things. I tense in my body. They bother others by teasing or bullying. It is a trying episode and I look forward to adulthood when I can feel calmer and more like a stable state than I do now. It is a thing we all get through so I guess I have a few more years of this.

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  1. Hi Ido. My husband,our 9th grade daughter and I came to your talk at Temple Etz Chaim yesterday. We were so impressed with you and loved your writings. I wanted to validate your comment about how adolescence is turbulent emotionally. As an adult (I am 56 years old), I find that getting older is much calmer, emotionally, than my earlier years. So, you are wise to understand that that will happen as you get older. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. I’ll be reading your blog. Sincerely, Mrs. Sommerfeld

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