Travelling Around the Sun

Pretty soon the weather will get cool. It is the cycle of life. Here we only have two seasons, hot and cool. In the northeast the four seasons are distinct. Each is a transition to the next. I envy those who enjoy the fall leaves and snow because these are beautiful parts of the seasons I don’t experience here. But I suppose I’d get sick of freezing every winter too just like I get sick of the heat.

In the seasons we get a new beginning, a new ending, on and on. The weather tells me to bid farewell to swimming. The ocean is too cold unless I have a wetsuit on. It’s going to be a new trip around the sun.

One response to “Travelling Around the Sun

  1. I grew up in Detroit and it was either hot and humid or cold and windy. There were about 6 weeks of amazing spring weather and maybe 6 weeks of amazing fall weather. The rest of the year was not so lovely. Also, there were lots of mosquitos. My point is that I like the weather in Los Angeles the best. At least we can visit snow a few hours away. Our girls go to the ocean but they need to wear their wetsuits. It would be nice if the ocean was warmer. Regards.

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