Adjusting to High School

I wrote a long blog essay yesterday, but I didn’t post it in the end. I guess it isn’t good to put all thoughts on the internet. It is a very public land on the internet. You can’t expect privacy, but it is a weird forum. I know my most internal thoughts will be read by strangers in places I have never been to. It is odd because you know me in a way, but I get few comments on the blog- I think it requires an account or something- so I get more comments on facebook. The feedback motivates me to keep trying because I hear from parents that I help them try with their autistic kids or that I give them hope.

I feel like I have to calm down inside. For many reasons adjusting to high school has been rough. It has been a huge change, and my first aide was not a good match for me. That didn’t help either, but it will be better next week. I like most of the teachers very much. I’m sure I will learn a lot. I love my English class. It is great. I enjoy Music History too. It is a hard adjustment but a wonderful opportunity.

I am sorry to say I lost it in school. It was so much pressure. I’m sorry I got so flustered. I see hope now. I believe now I’m on the road to being myself in school. I hope I can show my true potential. I’m trying hard.

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  1. Dear Ido, I don’t need hope for my son because I completly trust him.
    When we trust in someone, we don’t need hope but we can dream everything for the one we love. I’m really sorry for my english. Maybe you speak french?
    I love to read your blog.

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