Big Speech, Big Jitters

I had so much homework, it was nuts. These days I am swamped, but I’ll try to write soon.
I will be writing a new speech to deliver at a conference for the Autism Society next week. It’s a big one for me with lots of professionals, and I’ll be the only kid there.
I love the opportunity to get my message heard. Any tips on handling stagefright are welcome.

3 responses to “Big Speech, Big Jitters

  1. You can do it Ido! You are a fantastic writer with clear messege to spread. My tip for overcoming stage fright: It is necessary to let your voice be heard by whatever means of communication to let the world know you, my son and all other non verbal Autistics have a voice and its time for the speaking world to listen. So..tell yourself this is necessary, something I must do and you’ll do fine!

  2. Ido!

    Great blog! The most important thing to remember about stage fright is to control your breathing. When we get anxious we start to take short quick breaths with sends a message to our brain that something is wrong and then we feel even more anxious. Instead when you start to feel anxious remember to take slow deep breaths, this sends a message to your brain that everything is okay and your anxiety will lessen. Keep reminding yourself to take slow breathes and you will be wonderful!

    Good Luck!

  3. and remember that everyone that came to see you is patient and kind. TAKE YOUR TIME. they want you to give it to them. shame on nothing, and silly things happen! that’s what makes life colorful.

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