The King’s Speech

I watched the movie, The King’s Speech this weekend. I could so relate to his internal anxiety. Obviously my speech is much worse than a stammer. If I stammered I’d be happy compared to what I do now, but that’s a relative issue. I could relate to his fear of speaking in public, though, and I had other similarities. OK, I’m not a British king, but other than that, let’s see. First, he had a series of experts that couldn’t help. In the end, the person who helped him was insightful and not a trained speech therapist. This is what happened to me. I saw a lot of so-called wonderful experts who helped very little. Then I saw Soma who was not an autism specialist. I think she is an engineer or something like that, but she is insightful. I began to have real communication at last.
I saw that Bertie, the king, could only talk well with trusted people. So true. I hate using my letter board or computer if I do not fully trust someone. Trust is like an essential tool to fight anxiety in communication. Stammering is an anxiety issue, but the king trusted Logue, the speech teacher, so he could trust himself. I saw him freeze with his brother and dad. They angered me because they humiliated him and treated him badly because he stammered. Somehow Logue realized Bertie needed to be heard and was blocked by nervousness. What unlocked normal communication was realizing someone listened.
You know, I remember the first time I saw Soma. She saw through the resistance and taught to my mind. It gave me a new perspective on life.
The movie was interesting. I’d recommend it.

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