To My New Readers

Since my speech was on the Autism Speaks webpage I have been receiving so many kind words. It is amazing to hear them. My dream is to release non-verbal people from a life of solitude and being misunderstood. I will write about this when my schedule allows. During the week I have homework after school so please be patient with me.
I am glad you are reading my ideas. I hope you will share them with autistic people too. I would have been helped to know escape was possible when I was younger.
Best wishes,

One response to “To My New Readers

  1. I am a new reader and I look forward to your posts. I am a dad of 6 year old boy w/non verbal autism. He is in mainstream kindergarten class with “ed tech”. He has recently started taking an interest in speaking words and can say many. Technology and early intervention has helped him tremendously. Keep up the good work at school and thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone.

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