Passover 2011

It is Passover and the start of spring. The flowers are blooming in colorful ribbons and streams of life.  My yard has birds all over the shrubs. In spring, life bursts forward.
How appropriate that Passover be in the spring. On Passover, slaves burst into liberation. Life blossomed from a weary people. In a way, like the weary earth after winter. The reality is that the liberated slaves were really not ready to burst forth into freedom. They had been too limited by oppression to see the possibilities that awaited them. They were scared of the world beyond their walls. How amazing to go from a life of hardship and cruel treatment to the world of choice and hope. I mean, freedom, manna, miracles, Moses, the Ten Commandments, the Torah. It’s a burst of spring in a celestial sense, because like spring, life blossomed from this burst.

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