High School and Beyond

I was thinking how sorry I am to leave my middle school for high school. Well, not sorry exactly. I’m nervous and excited. I will be the pioneering non-verbal autistic person in regular education in high school. In middle school I wasn’t the only autistic kid. I was the only one in my classes though. It’s a long journey from my rudimentary autism class in elementary school to regular education in high school. It’s really weird in a way because I am so stuck in my silence, however I am not trapped in it like I was. I can communicate in my typing/pointing techniques and I am out in the world because I can express my ideas.

In high school I will have to really work hard on self control, on homework, on sitting all day, on proving myself once again. Now it is becoming easier. I’m nervous, not stressed to my roof. I think I can do it, and get my diploma, and even go to college. This is my goal and I hope it will help other autistic people on their journeys too.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear you plan to get a diploma and go to college. Don’t limit yourself. You can do it…and it is natural to feel nervous and excited. Keep expressing yourself and yes you are and will be an inspiration to others!

  2. Ido, you certainly are paving the way. I would imagine that having to prove yourself over and over can be so exhausting. You have managed to open the eyes of many, and will continue to do so in high school and beyond.

  3. Thanks for your good wishes.

  4. I am the parent of two youngmen on the autism spectrum. While they are both verbal so their experiences differ from your own, they not only completed highschool but have gone on to college too. My oldest in fact was the first student in the inclusion program in our school district. As you he was the first student with disability to navigate the typical educational world. Yes you will have to adjust to high school and yes there will be challenges for you ahead, but with support you will not only get through you will shine. Remember it is all up to you, it is your right to define yourself and write your own life story. Good luck. Go get ’em you are going to do great.Just remember at the end of the day to cut yourself some slack.

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