Hello Readers

Hi Readers,

Blogging is a new lifestyle for me. I welcome the chance to be heard, but I’d love to hear from you too. Are you parents of autistic kids, family members, professionals, people with autism, or just curious? I’d love to ge feedback.

If you are on facebook, consider becoming a “like” or “fan” to get regular postings. I am shy, really, so it is weird to write to anonymous.
All the best,

4 responses to “Hello Readers

  1. Hi Ido,
    As you know, I am a parent and a fan. You have always been my “go-to guy” for insights into Dillan’s world. Now that you have a blog, I can pop over and touch base whenever I get a chance, and that makes me happy. Dillan is just at the start of his communication journey, and I need that reminder, and sometimes kick in the you-know-what, to push forward no matter how difficult it might be. You keep me on track (and so does your mom :). Blog away!!

  2. I am a parent of a high-functioning autistic (he was labelled PDD-NOS and ADHD). I just started reading. It is so encouraging to me to read stories of people who have overcome autism to achieve their dreams. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hello! I live in Belgium. My son Arthur is autistic. I love to read your blog.

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