A Favor

It has been several years since Facebook has linked to my blog. We found out all the 3rd party companies that Facebook uses to determine which sites to blacklist (Mcafee, MicroTrend, Web of Trust, a few more..) and we have contacted them all individually about the site and every one has come back with a completely safe report regarding the site. As far as they are concerned, the site is perfectly clean. The problem is Facebook doesn’t seem to be listening.

It is ridiculous and limits my ability to share my thoughts with others.

I am asking a favor of you. each time you try to link to my blog on Facebook, you should immediately get a pop-up that says something to the effect of ‘your link was blocked because… and then a line that says ” if you think you are receiving this message in error, click here” (or something close to that). If you could click the link they will ask you why you think it’s an error. If you could say something simple like “there is no reason for this link to be blocked….” and hit submit I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping that if they many complaints it might make them finally move on this.
Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Ido. I’ve done and will continue to do what you’re suggesting. I’ll also make a public plea to Facebook via Twitter.

    One question: is your site, by chance, run on a platform such as Blogger that might make Facebook overly cautious? If so, you may consider a move to WordPress, for example.

    Good luck! I’d love to be able to share links to your articles on Faceobook.

  2. Hi Ido,
    I am a therapeutic riding instructor. A dad of one of our riders recommended your book after I filled in as an instructor for his son’s lesson. I usually think out of the box for my riders. I tried to figure out something which will catch their attention. I introduced preride leg stretches & at the end of his ride we practiced walking up the 3 step block & jumped down (2 ft) to the ground while holding hands. Afterwards his son just stared at me & his dad said he sees something around you I didn’t understand. The dad recommended your book. I am so glad to finally have some guidance. I have been frustrated because if I don’t know how a rider learns how can I help? You opened another area of communication for me. Thank you

  3. I too tried to put a link on Facebook to your blog & access was denied. I then put spaces in & directions to remove spaces to access your blog:)

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