Paving the Path by guest blogger, Dillan Barmache

Dillan and Ido

Dillan and Ido

Ido has been a figure of importance for those of us on a journey to find our voices. I have known him a long time, and he has given me advice, hope and footsteps to follow in my time as a communicator. I don’t know if I would have had the same success now that I have achieved in my struggle against silence without him to forge a path before us. I would like to think I could have, and I wonder how much it must have been so frightening to make those paths without his own guide ahead. Ido gave me a lot when he had so many of his own trials to face. We all have to fight so hard to beat autism, a school system that doesn’t know what to do with us, and expert behaviorists who denounce our accomplishments as a hoax. Ido still found it in himself to take the time to help me in this struggle, and he even wrote to me in his book. I hope a younger version of me can look at my story and I can do for him what Ido has done for me.

The process of bringing true education to people with autism is as complex as the condition itself. In my school, Ido was first down that road, and I was able to look at his experience and know the challenges ahead and what mistakes to avoid. And further down the road, the next student will be able to refine the process. We keep building and learning how to learn. There will never be a perfect way, and that is good. Always adapting is the perfect way, and Ido began that all in my school. It is most important to be open to knowing that there are undiscovered modes of learning. Already many teachers are fixed in their ways and unwilling to admit to a need for change. Our presence in the classroom will show them an example they cannot ignore. I am grateful to Ido for being the first of hopefully many.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. My son is 21 and just starting out on his route of communication with RPM. Ido has already been most helpful in answering his questions. My hope that in time he will be able to work on a blog to help others too. He says he is happy for anyone to know what he is trying to tell us. At present he just keeps asking for respect and trying to explain the difficulties he has with controlling his body and his behaviour.

  2. Dillan’s message to Ido is proof that Ido knew he could find a way to communicate that he wanted to learn, could learn and has an incredible ability for knowledge. Ido has been a true mentor and friend to Dillan. Ido’s success has encouraged Dillan to work so very hard to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available to other students and Dillan so very much wants people within and not in the autistic communities to hear his message. He has an incredible thirst for knowledge and studies and writes and shares his message…Although he is autistic, non-verbal, he is capable to learn and share his knowledge.

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