Cooking with Autism

I have enjoyed watching TV chefs for years. My favorite is the charming French-American chef, Jacques Pepin. His helpful instructions gave me the confidence to help in the kitchen. Most days I assist my parents in meal preparation. I peel vegetables, chop, stir and do whatever is needed. I also enjoy baking. I love eating the finished products. I also prepare my own breakfast of eggs and toast.

My efforts in the kitchen have produced great results for me. I have gotten much better control in getting my body to correctly follow commands. I am a million times better at retrieving requested food items on demand and searching for them. I am noticing my ability to sustain attention in the kitchen is lengthening, but that is still a work in progress. I see improvements in fine motor too due to using my hands for chopping, peeling, opening cans and so on.

Cooking is also a good opportunity to work on self control and impulsivity. I need to learn to not sample the raw cookie batter, no matter how tempting.

People with autism need to be part of normal life and gaining kitchen skills may be a great way activity to teach participation in the kinds of activities that everyone does.

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  1. I wish i could share your blogs on facebook! They have been so insightful, for once, I feel like I am finally beginning to understand my son. Thank you Ido!

  2. Eugenia Anne Leverich Mckim

    My four year old grandson who is a non speaking autistic child is in an ABA Program. THEY ARE CONCERNED because he does not eat his lunch at school. He gags if they try to press him too much. At home there is no problem. Please advise or enlighten. I have read both of your books you have been an answer to our prayers.
    Eugenia McKim.

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