Dillan’s Voice

My good friend, Dillan, is now a movie star and a spokesman for autism! He is helping to educate the world to understand the truth about profound autism. Here are his amazing films.

Way to go Dillan!

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  2. I hope someday we can find my son’s voice. I want to buy numerous copies of Ido’s book and give it to everyone I know. Ido is an amazing inspiration to people like Dillan find their voice.
    Thanx for all you do.
    Parent of a son with Autism and Down Syndrome.

  3. This is an amazing young man who is a pleasure to have in my class.

  4. I was so inspired by this recent video and the ability for those trapped in the autistic world to communicate. I thought you might be interested in this video where 2 doctors share about their daughter born with severe autism and how it was turned around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUlawLKMZiY Feel free to contact me via email if you would like to meet others who have had the same experience. Blessings to you!

  5. What device is this? I have autistic son would like to this for

  6. I understand not being able to communicate is hellish. (Nor is it fun how people treat you when you cannot speak, I know too well.) Autism is not always the reason one cannot communicate, though, and while I acknowledge it “isn’t all unicorn farts and rainbows” to borrow a phrase….it bothers me to hear people call autism “hellish” because it only fuels the rhetoric of those who want to make sure autistics cease to exist.

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