Autism Cooks

ido_cooking_4I have written previously about my love of cooking. Cooking has given me a lot, and I’m not just referring to the food.

I have to remember instructions in recipes (multi-step planning, for all you OTs out there). I have ido_cooking_3to search for and retrieve ingredients, utensils and cooking tools. This is important for people who have autism.

I have to handle sharp objects and hot objects. I am aware of personal safety.

I have to control impulses and not eat unfinished food (especially cookie dough).

I have to work on fine motor skills in chopping, pouring and measuring.

I have to be patient, plan, anticipate and multi-task.

I have to be present while it cooks.

I learn self-help skills washing up.

All in all, it’s an “OT session”ido_cooking_2 I can have fun with since I’m actually doing something meaningful.

Bon Apetit!ido_cooking_1

9 responses to “Autism Cooks

  1. Joseph Gautier

    What time’s dinner? Looks fantastic; I’ll be right over!

  2. You are my hero!! Thank you for continuing to give me hope for my son Alex!!

  3. you’re awesome! I appreciate your posts and like to know what you are up to… you are one of my heroes, and I recommend your book often!

  4. You are such an inspiration …loved your book and give it to everyone I know to read.

  5. Love this post!

  6. Hi Ido,
    I live in Singapore and just finished reading your book. I am the mother of an autistic teenager who uses the laptop to communicate. I am truly inspired by your blog and your advocacy for the autism community. Keep moving forward.

  7. Hey Ido, Your exercising and hard work have really paid off. From what I’ve read in your book, years ago you didn’t have the motor control to cook. You continue to inspire! Thanks for all your courageous advocacy, honesty, and efforts at education. Someday I hope we can have a conversation about all of this. I’m a bit of an advocate myself, and you are a powerful role model.

  8. Dear Ido – Do you have any insights on why some children on the spectrum may have difficulty with eating? My son is actually very interested in food but something more than texture, shape, color seems to be barring him from enjoying it. He fears and resents meal time. I thought maybe you might have some observations. I’ve read all the theories and listened to all sorts of practitioners but I am looking for the insider perspective. Many, many thanks.

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