The Soothing Ocean

I love the ocean. I feel so happy there. The weather could be hot or chilly but I feel happy to see the sand and waves. I love the feel of the cold water too. I go too far in it sometimes. The ocean is soothing and the sound of the waves is like a metronome that isn’t steady, but never stops. I remember loving the ocean since I was a baby. I’d run to the water as fast as I could. My family would have to hold me back or I’d go in even in my clothes. It is like a magnet, in a way.

When I go to the tidepools, I can resist the waves because the ocean starts past the tidepools filled with anemones and starfish and a rock strewn field. Only kayakers and surfers venture there. Many autistic people love the beach. Our senses have a field day there.

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