Missing My Grandmother

I miss my Oma. I think about how many lives she touched. She was like a good-natured, kind-hearted soul. Many times I observed her having the bravery to face hard circumstances after injuries or operations. It impressed me how hard she fought to recover and how positive she acted throughout her struggles. That isn’t easy. No one is perfect. I don’t mean to imply that she had no flaws, but she was, in my opinion, tremendously courageous. She understood what was important; family, good food, a nice view, friends. She loved babies and dogs and they loved her too. My german shepherd is shy and takes her time trusting people, but she always loved my grandmother and stayed faithfully by her side whenever she visited.
My grandmother is in a peaceful place now. I hope she will never again have fear, pain, or war. She has borne more than her share of all three, but she had the grace to smile and love despite the challenges. I have learned much from her example.

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