"French Autistic Kids Mostly Get Psychotherapy"

The idea of treating autism as a mental illness is incredible. I somehow intuit that Bettelheim’s influence is at work in France where they still treat autism with psychotherapy. I don’t think much progress will be made though by emphasizing the wrong treatment. That being said, I did see a therapist when I was twelve, but she didn’t treat my autism. She helped me to accept myself with autism because I was getting so sad about my limitations. However, in no way could she have cured me of my neurological issues. Anyway, this is my insider’s point-of-view.

One response to “"French Autistic Kids Mostly Get Psychotherapy"

  1. Ido, did your therapist communicate with you on the iPad as you do in the FAQ’s?

    I think this is a wonderful idea and I hope other parents see the value in valuing their child’s strengths rather than focus on their struggles in autism. There is so much people with autism can teach the world about the value of contemplation and thinking before we speak.

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