I’m Feeling Snarky

I might be autistic, but they understand the disability better.

I have to give credit to those experts in the noble field of autism treatment who bravely stand up for the rights of nonspeaking autistic people to be limited to a few unintelligible words and pictogram systems. It is the obligation of all honorable professionals to fight for the right of trapped people to have their communication limited so expertly. Moreover, by never letting observation of a typing nonspeaking, autistic person interfere with certainty, they demonstrate real commitment to best practice, in the most scientific way possible. In conclusion, I’d like to congratulate those experts in autism for sticking to their beliefs no matter how unhappy a kid is being flashcarded and high-fived year after year. A little misery shouldn’t alter treatment that’s scientific and evidence-based.

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  1. I got a rude punishment
    “Talked to” by a classroom teacher last week.
    I chose to quietly and age appropriately
    Speak to my student as I do with his age-group.
    My son is his same age, how could I not speak same way to both boys?
    Teacher was a +*^%#
    Said I needed to yell, use one words, and no movement brakes.

  2. Yo, Experts! Yo, closed-mindedness! Yo, devotion to the Party Line! Yo, distinguishing between autistic persons and “real” people! Yo, yo-yo’s.

  3. Hello Ido,
    As an Autistic accustomed to speech I can only imagine your frustration. I love your sarcasm even though stereotypes say I shouldn’t get it and we shouldn’t be capable of it. I hope I lived up to your advocacy when I argued against the kind of autism “experts” you target in your post. In the last chapter of my recently released book (Trauma, Stigma, and Autism, 2019) I quote you and other non-speaking individuals who type to communicate as I address many of the arguments that continue to oppress those who lack a spoken voice.
    Thanks for your courage, wisdom, inspiration, and continued efforts!

  4. debjani khanna

    Yes. Despite my son blogging and having finished secondary school, whenever I look for help I come across so many “experts” who feel that my son is incapable of basic comprehension as he cannot verbalise and behave in a way that others do. But surely and slowly the change is happening even in Asia.

  5. Well said Ido! Stupid isn’t it?

  6. Ido,
    Your frustration is warranted. The problem is these professionals have been indoctrinated in this line of thinking that because you cannot speak, you cannot learn. The are excited to see someone be able to express just their basic needs…which is sad. I am an pediatric occupational therapist, and only have been for 6 years….Before that I was a home school mom. Because of the late start I wasn’t indoctrinated into this line of thinking. And because of non speakers that are “speaking out”, i believe more minds will be forced to change. Thank you for your thought provoking and sometimes toe stomping posts. Keep ’em coming.

  7. Your sarcasm is most appropriate. You are so well-spoken (written?) that you are making a HUGE difference in the lives of many. Because of your first book, I feel I understand and support my non-verbal, sensory-issue-riddled-but-not-classified-as-autistic-daughter. Keep up the great work!

  8. Maria Galifianakis

    EXCELLENT commentary, Ido. Thanks!

  9. Right on, Ido! These experts don’t let a pesky thing like the basic human right to communicate get in the way of such sparkling science!

  10. Ido, your fire is burning mad holes in all this BS. Snark is great. If you ever feel despair though, remember that you have a huge community watching you make a difference. Go get em.

  11. Ido,
    My grandson is on the spectrum and nonverbal AND he uses ASL and a talking program on his iPad. Your work and passion to fight for the human right of communication is beyond AMAZING !! Keep on and show those “professionals” how VERY wrong their “science” is for all of humanity.

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