Meet Ido Kedar

I wanted to share this article I wrote. Hope you enjoy it.

Meet Ido Kedar, Author of In Two Worlds: The Heart and Mind of an Autistic Boy

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  1. Ido,
    My name is April. I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I have read your first book and enjoyed it immensely. I must say the entry about therapist made me blush and wince…but deep down I have always felt that what I was doing as a “sensory integration” therapist working with non-verbal young ones with autism just didn’t seem to jive. I had asked myself repeatedly how I was helping these kids and families. It wasn’t until I came upon Soma’s RPM and starting reading her books that it all started making sense. I am not longer in the clinic but I do work with one young man. He is 6 years old. His mother is using RPM with him and has for the past year on and off. I, as his therapist, have been working on motor control using RPM methods (choices), but also trying to generalize into other areas. As an OT I am not always sure what my role is in working with him. What would you recommend I focus on with him. Should I stick with RPM lessons and just expand on that or can I work on helping him to be more intentional with his motor coordination? I just don’t want to waste his time and certainly don’t want him writing a book telling everyone how nice I was but what a waste of time it was 🙂 ( believe me, I laugh and cringe every time I think of how you felt) Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your response. Sincerely,
    April Moore

  2. Hi April,
    I laughed at your note.
    Why not focus on physical fitness to improve his mind/motor processing? Honestly, I think it’s the most valuable you way you could help if he’s getting communication therapy elsewhere as it’s a pretty specialized instruction. I think early fitness can help overcome lots of motor planning issues.
    Thanks for your note.

  3. Thanks! glad I could make you laugh. You have me laughing at your honest savagery. Keep on!

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