I had a weird experience recently. I asked a lady who was talking to me as if I was an infant if she could talk to me normally- and she said, “I won’t. I talk to all people with autism this way”. I was dumbstruck. I never had someone say this to me before. What do you think about this attitude?

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  1. If I had been there, I think I would have started talking to her the way that she was talking to you. Clearly, she’s the one who lacks understanding and needs things slowed down for her a bit. You weren’t just dumbstruck, you were struck by dumb.

  2. You were dumbstruck, because you were confronted by an obviously DUMB person. People like this are ignorant Ido. You should have ignored her at that point and when she asked why you weren’t talking to her, tell her you don’t talk to dumb people.

  3. Wow, all I can think is what an ignorant individual! My son is 6 and is non-verbal and I would not even speak to him that way. We are still unsure as to how much he understands but I respect and love him too much to “dumb down” my words to him. We just got him an iPad so fingers crossed that we will be seeing some progress soon : ) Ido you give me hope that I will be able to communicate with my son one day. Thank You!

  4. There are ignorant, uneducated people everywhere. Pray for her and move on. Hopefully with all the resources available for learning about autism she will apologize to you one day. Love to you and your family (including the dogs).

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