Silent Fighters

Me, Carly, Tito, Elizabeth, Naoki.
Who are we? Silent fighters, that’s who. I love the flood of books by nonverbal autistic people. It is time to be advocating for ourselves. Why forever must the theories of scholars be listened to over the people with autism themselves?
Is it possible Ivar Lovaas or Bruno Bettelheim knows autism better than I do?
The momentum is beginning. Here we come!

2 responses to “Silent Fighters

  1. Great Blog! I recommend your (and all the above mentioned) book to all my fellow speech pathologists, educators and conference attendees. I even show visuals of you, Carly and Sue Rubins to emphasize literacy and education in my technology (iPad) presentations. I am beginning to see a positive change in the way educators, parents and the community see individuals on the spectrum. I look forward to more books and “Silent Fighters.” Lois Jean Brady – A Not-so-Silent Fighter

  2. We appreciate the books written by non-verbal people with autism too. I read the books, blogs, and facebook pages so that I might understand better how to help our son and to let him know that he is not alone. He is non-verbal and still getting the hang of typing to communicate. I look forward to when he is able to advocate for himself too. The world is finally learning how incredibly intelligent non-verbal people are and how to become more accepting of sensory overload situations. Thanks again! Blessings

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