Father’s Day in a Wind Tunnel

It’s a lovely weekend and I enjoyed a camping trip with my dad and a friend. It was lovely in the high altitude and surrounded by pines. We had a roaring campfire and a tent for me and my dad, and a smaller one for our friend. We had the campground almost to ourselves. It was quiet and tranquil.

Then the wind woke up. Roaring through the canyons, howling and screaming it came in all directions, blasting us with cold air, battering the tents, and really making a sleep in peace impossible. Maybe we slept three hours, or maybe four, but we were truly sleep deprived. And still we enjoyed this beautiful area.

My dad was happy to pack us up this morning and have an early departure while the wind still roared.  We both fell asleep when we got home.

It is Father’s Day and it’s a great way to celebrate in a windy tent with my dad and me. This evening we enjoyed a delicious Father’s Day dinner at home. Best wishes to all the fathers reading this today.

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