Thoughts on Anne Frank

In my English class we are reading the play about Anne Frank in hiding. How unimaginable to have to hide from your government because it is against the law for you to live. It tries to be upbeat, but I can’t imagine the fear of those years. I felt so trapped in my silence for the majority of my childhood, so I think I can imagine how they felt, silent all day, in stillness and boredom. But, I didn’t have a police state after me.
The story is pretty much a slice of their ordeal. Life after their capture isn’t described, but I know only Mr. Frank survived. Oh, the sorrow he must have felt, only he had no family to cry with. My heart aches in thinking about hiding and losing. I guess the only hope is the courage they had, the moral bravery of Miep and Mr. Kraler, and Mr. Frank’s determination to live despite his losses. I pray people never hold genocidal thoughts again.
In lands like Iran they still do, but goodness must win. The person hiding is waiting, not fighting. I truly believe evil must be faced to stop it.

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