Not Hiking Season









I miss hiking tremendously. Where I live my winters are mild, my summers like a furnace. All winter and spring I hike or mountain bike every day. I love to be in nature and I love to move on trails looking at the hills and the old oaks. The tall grass turns from green to straw yellow. The coyotes look rangier and thirstier and the snakes start to interfere with the carefree movement of the hiker who now avoids that narrow path lined with foot-high grass.  That stick on the trail or that pile of horse manure over there? Look again– it has a rattle on its tail.









I prefer not waking up at 6 AM to beat the heat and I’m no fan of rattlesnakes, so I must bide my time waiting for the weather to cool so I can hit the trails once again.


3 responses to “Not Hiking Season

  1. I’m the opposite in this part of the world. Summer is awesome. Winter it’s freezing cold and there is ice and snow everywhere to slip and fall on. Rather than dressing for the season and braving the elements, I increase the regularity of my inside exercises and count the days until going outside is fun again. Hope you don’t get too bored in the house, Ido. You may have to cook an extra lot. Hope your book is coming along the way you hoped. Sure looking forward to it.

  2. We hike year round here in New England, though it gets steamy during the summer and frigid in the winter… We’ve always done so, especially now we have a dog again – however, my son just told me on the letterboard that he wants to try cross country, so now we have to get into running and conditioning!

  3. Ido, you should visit New Zealand. We have no snakes and it’s currently Winter in the Southern Hemisphere : )

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