Learning to Communicate Changes Lives

Here is proof that learning to communicate changes lives. I get thrilled every time I hear how my book has helped others move to communication. Life misunderstood, isolated and silent is not an adequate result for  years of therapy and a parade of specialists who marched through this family’s house.

There are stubborn people who have to listen to us, but they won’t, I’m afraid. But there are open people who have listened.

Things are improving, little by little. Here is one family’s story.

4 responses to “Learning to Communicate Changes Lives

  1. Thanks for posting this powerful account.

  2. This is so lovely and validating. Our daughter began communicating at age 13…with supported communication. She can point independently, but insists on having support on her arm. Her name is Elana Rose Connor she has a website with her writings that Payam and you might like it is Elanarose.com. Many many thanks for your hard work and willingness to share. Amy Connor, Austin, TX

  3. Wonderful video. We must continue to advocate. We must teach educators, therapists, doctors etc. CHANGE takes time but we must keep trying.

  4. Fernanda Almeida

    Thank you Ido! Lovely words, inspiring video, I feel empowered!

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