New Book Update!

I’m thrilled to share that my new book, a novel called In Two Worlds, will be released in early July. I will share the formal announcement very soon. It will be available in paperback form on Amazon, in kindle and also online on Smashwords.

I hope that you will let people know about it and if you like it, I would greatly appreciate if you could write a review online, on Amazon or on Goodreads.

In gratitude,


2 responses to “New Book Update!

  1. Adrienne Murphy

    Wonderful, Ido! Caoimh Connolly’s mum here – you published our RPM articles on your blog last year, with a gorgeous photo of the Mizen Head cliffs in Cork. I’ll certainly write a review of In Two Worlds. I’m a journalist, and I’d love to interview you too…. Will be in touch about it. How exciting, can’t wait to read your first fiction publication. Best of luck with the launch.

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