Life After High School

Life after high school is the big unknown. The help an autistic child receives tapers off in the adult years. I appreciate the support I get. It enables me to live in the real world and do much of what my typical peers do. The moment I graduate high school I lose the funding the School District provides for my trained one on one aide. Colleges do not do provide disabled students with this kind of assistance. Also, because the college day is looser and less structured than high school, I won’t be going from class to class all day long like I do now. I want to make sure I continue to have the support I need three years from now when I begin college, even during the times I am not attending class.
I want to have a meaningful career and life. This means that I need to begin thinking, even now, about my future so that we can plan. What have other autistic or disabled people done after high school to achieve this? Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Try the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), the Office of Disability Services is very responsive and well equipped and can help intercede with professors.

  2. Ido,
    Although you wrote this blog entry over a year ago, I just read it, after reading your book and all your earlier blog entries. On a volunteer basis, I think I can help you with post-high school planning. I can be contacted at
    Arthur Golden

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