Brain Alive in a Vegetative State?

How much do we assume because of appearances?
A stroke patient may not be speaking. Is the mind empty?
An autistic person may not be speaking and does odd things. Is the mind empty?
A person with locked-in syndrome can’t move. Is the mind empty?

Who gets to decide if a person who is locked internally is thinking or not? Is it the geniuses at ASHA or the Lovaas Institute or in the university or clinics? How can a trapped mind communicate intelligence if the presumption is that the intelligence is compromised?

And what about the “brain dead” in vegetative states? Now new evidence indicates that 1 in 10 have consciousness. It’s my opinion that the brain is vast and its thoughts unknowable by mere external observation.
Not talking is not the same as not thinking.

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  1. Justice Killebrew

    Hi Ido,
    It’s Justice. J for short. We met at your book signing last year with Vana
    Thiero. Your findings are remarkable. I appreciate your writings. I hope we can get together this summer and have dialogue about a lot of things that are on my heart. Please respond

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