Civil Rights for Nonspeakers

The traditional term for not speaking is ‘dumb.’ That says it all. If someone can’t talk then they are ‘dumb.’ I am dumb, apparently.

The thesaurus offers these synonyms for dumb: among them mute, speechless, silent, and then fifty additional synonyms for stupidity, including the colorful pinheaded and dim-witted. The bias equating intelligence with speech stacks the deck against those with limited speaking ability.

People who are unable to speak are among the most maligned of all people. Treated as stupid. Under-educated. Far too often mistreated with no recourse.

No one has ever spoken up for the civil rights of the non speaking in a systemic, legal way. Until now.

Communication First is the only civil rights organization that advocates for the legal rights and the human rights of non speakers or those with unintelligible speech.

Please check out this brand new formidable organization as it makes its debut as a 501(c)3 organization.

I am proud to serve on its Board of Directors.

We will be loud in silence.

7 responses to “Civil Rights for Nonspeakers

  1. Keep up the great work, Ido.

  2. I agree! Churches still use the old word “dumb” and “lame” as do people in general conversation. These words should be removed like the N word or the R word.

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  5. Hi Ido,
    My son JoJo met you this past weekend at the Spectrum of Opportunity event at Cal Lutheran. When we got back we did a lesson and he asked to write you a letter. I’m not sure how to send it to you so I’m just going to post it here. I hope that is ok.

    Dear Ido,
    Saw you at the conference. You understand, does this describe anxiety. Easy to answer questions but hard to answer personal questions, especially with my Mom. Nice to meet you are the conference. Nervous to see you. Continue what you are wanting to do. I admire you.

  6. Hi JoJo,
    Happy to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed the conference. I did.
    Your pal,

  7. Great step forward, Communication First! I will support it where I can

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