A Visit With My Grandma

Today I saw my grandmother. She is not the same woman in a lot of ways because inside her disease is sort of devouring her. She is too weak to walk so she needs a wheelchair to go anywhere. She is tired, like a deep weariness I never saw before. Her spark is not as bright, but it is still there at times. I thought about her being a beloved human being and a genuinely great mom and grand mom. She has overcome overwhelming challenges in her life. I saw how she coped with humor and smiles after operations in the past, but this time it’s much harder. Her illness is advancing. We can’t stop it and her body is too weak to continue fighting all the time. I think and think about how I will cope when she is gone. I know it will be so so so sad. The one thing that gives me happiness is that she is surrounded by loving children and grandchildren. It is lucky to have lots of people who love you. She is deserving of that because people felt loved by her too.

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