A Request to My Readers

Dear Readers, Recently my book was being considered by a publisher. They loved my writing and were excited about my book. The marketing division decided that I am not well known enough yet. They want to see my number of fans and blog readers increase. If you enjoy my writing and want a chance to learn more about autism in depth from my book, can you help me spread the word about my blog and facebook page to the people you know who would be interested? Thanks, I would be very appreciative.

5 responses to “A Request to My Readers

  1. Will do Ido.
    I’d love to read your book.
    You have opened a very valuable window on autism, which should be shared as widely as possible.

  2. That is exciting, Ido! I have been telling people about your blog for a long time, but will refresh their memories 🙂

  3. I will pass it along. Love to read your posts.

  4. Your blog is a gift to many. I am an aide on a school bus and ride with special needs kids on the bus. Many of them are autistic and cannot communicate with me verbally, but I can sense what it is they are feeling. (I think) I will follow your blog as I am interested in learning as much as I can about you and how you cope so that I might be a better aide to these kids on our buses. Please pass this along to the publisher. He has no idea how many people you can help with your book. Much luck and success to you.

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