Me, Nick, Sydney and Emma

I have some friends I love to see. Unfortunately I don’t live near them.I have a long drive of an hour and a half once a month to see them but I feel it’s worth it. Each of us is living in Autismland but we can all communicate in typing and letter boards. Some use i-pads. I use a dynawrite or a letter board. Each of us is living the best we can in spite of our challenges.

We all have very loving families who noticed the potential in us in spite of expert advice that preferred to see us as “low functioning”. Thanks to our parents’ hard work we are free in life. I notice we all have very persistent, positive, and determined moms who didn’t want to give in to a label that told them it was hopeless. The result is that we are their kids in all ways like any other in spite of autism. In this group I don’t have to work on acting normal. I can be autistic with people who are friends, and friends with lovely, intelligent people who are autistic.

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  1. Hey-
    Glad to hear you have friends that you can get together with (at least occasionally) and feel like yourself. Check out this girl’s blog: She has Rett Syndrome and describes experiences similar to yours with regards to communicating and being understood.

  2. My name is gadi. I’m an autistic young person from Israel.
    i am glad that you are in touch with kids that have similar abilities as yours.
    i seek tha company of non-autistic friends sometimes, don’t you?

  3. Hi Gadi,
    I am glad to meet you. Your English is impressive. I will write at your email address.
    It’s great to hear from you.

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